Such a Big Girl!

How did one year come and go so quickly! Norah is already 14 months, so I'd say its about time I documented a little bit of her birthday and what has happened since.

Norah at ONE:
Only in the 9th percentile for weight-such a petite little thing!
Her first top tooth came in on her birthday!
Loves being outside and cries when people go out without taking her.
Loves putting things around her neck-necklaces, cords, ya know...all sorts of safe things.
Folds her arms during prayers, which is the absolute cutest thing ever!
Loves bouncing balls.
Enjoys playing patty cake and covering her eyes for peek-a-boo.
Tries to sing and sway to music.
Rocks her baby and feeds them.
Loves to pull glasses off people and try to put them on herself.
Climbs stairs like crazy!
Says mama, dada, dance, hot, puppy, happy and pretty.

Over Easter we went up to Salt Lake and spent some time with Tyson's family. We went to the zoo and they threw a birthday party for Norah. Norah had so much fun playing with cousins!

Our sweet little girl turned one on Saturday, May 3rd and we had such a fun little party for her at the park and splash pad in our neighborhood. She got so many fun toys and outfits and we loved having so many close friends and family there! Taryn, Austin and Ollie were in town staying with us and were such a big help with the party-we loved having them here!

Norah loves this Ollie Bear!

Smash cake time!

She started with her hands, but quickly realized that using her mouth was much more effective.  
Such a smart girl!

Norah loves her gramma and papa!

This girl is so full of life and already loves to learn. She is busy and loving and inquisitive. We love this little princess of ours and feel so blessed to be her parents!


Norah is SIX months old!

I can't believe it!  SIX months?!  One half of a year?!  NoNo is growing up wayyyyy too fast, but Tyson and I are loving every minute with her.  I feel so blessed to be home with her everyday (even the loooonnnng days) to enjoy her growing up and to catch all of those precious milestones-thanks Tyson for all the hard work you put into providing for our family!  Here is what Norah June has been up to the past two months!

Month Five
  • At 4 month appointment she weighed 13 lbs. 5.5 ounces-33rd percentile for weight and around 45th for height.  Her head is still around the 10th percentile.  We love our little runt!
  • Started eating cereal and baby food which is kinda hit and miss, but overall does pretty well with it. 
  • Loves to put her toys in her mouth during mealtimes.  We like to keep things messy around here.
  • Is trying to grow some hair...maybe someday she'll have enough for a little pigtail...just one. 
  • Started to get very distracted while nursing.  Sometimes there are just way too many things to look at!
  • Would try to roll from her back to her front when swaddled in her crib.
Month Six
  • Finally rolled from her back to her tummy on the day she turned five months...still has no interest in getting from her tummy to her back.  Even though she only tolerates being on her tummy for a few minutes before she demands to be flipped back over.
  • Likes to hold onto the sides of anything you put her in...carseat, highchair, changing table, swing, bouncer.
  • Still LOVES to stand and walk, so we can rarely get her to sit down.
  • Thinks looking at herself in the mirror is the greatest.
  • Took her first trip out of Utah and went to California with my parents and I to see Great Grandma June.  Can't say that 8 hour car rides are her favorite, but she did great!  
  • Loves the wind in her face and makes the cutest expression like it is taking her breath away.  Needless to say she loved the beach.
  • Watches EVERYTHING you put in your mouth and looks at you in shock that you aren't sharing.
  • Loves to stick out her tongue and smack it on her lips...it's the cutest.
  • Finally discovered her feet...doesn't think they are too fascinating, but will grab them and try to eat her toes every once in a while.
  • Loves to grab faces and mouths.
  • Likes cuddling with stuffed animals and most of all trying to eat them.
  • Shrugs her shoulders...just cause. And it is so darling.
We are so incredibly blessed to have Norah in our lives.  She has the cutest little personality.  We love our little peanut!

 Norah LOVES her cousins!  Especially these cute boys!

Norah with Great Grandma June

 Beach Babe

 Lunch on the boardwalk

 NoNo loves Grandma and Grandpa!

Look at that cute tummy chub!

 Norah loved playing with Grace and Ava

 Norah's first Halloween!

 Trunk or Treat with Grandma and Grandpa 
(have I ever mentioned how grateful we are to live close to them?  it's the best!)

 Big SIX month old girl!

 Isn't she the cutest?

And last but not least, an incredible sketch of Norah that my friend did.
I absolutely LOVE it!

Happy 6 Months Baby Girl!


The Big 24!

I had the best birthday weekend a girl could ask for!  The weekend started off with Lindsay, Sam and Amri coming in town on Thursday.  And let me just say... I have the greatest sister in the whole world.  Even with 5 years between us, she is my best friend and I was so grateful that she would come spend my birthday with me!  We went to the St. George Rodeo on Thursday night and had a blast!  I absolutely love rodeos and decided to make it a yearly birthday tradition..it was that fun!

On Friday, I went to breakfast with Lindsay, Sam and Amri, then we went to the pool and waited for Tyson to get home.  Tyson was in Atlanta all week for work, so I was thrilled to have him fly home on my birthday.  He met us for lunch at Paradise Bakery.  Friday night I went to Bunco and my beginners luck won me the high score prize!  Woot woot!

On Saturday, my mom treated us to a girls day!  We went to lunch and then to Red Mountain Spa for pedicures.  That night we all went out to dinner at Durango's and had cake and opened gifts afterward.  It was such a fun weekend and I feel so blessed to have spent it with my awesome family!

 Lunch at Pizza Factory

 Linds and I in the relaxation room

 Best momma ever!

 Chocolate foot masks

 Best sista friends!

 Dinner at Durango's (and no, I cannot explain Norah's look of terror)

Cause you're never too old for a birthday sash

Amri is just darling and takes such good care of Norah

Isn't she the cutest?!

Here's to an awesome 24th year!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!