Such a Big Girl!

How did one year come and go so quickly! Norah is already 14 months, so I'd say its about time I documented a little bit of her birthday and what has happened since.

Norah at ONE:
Only in the 9th percentile for weight-such a petite little thing!
Her first top tooth came in on her birthday!
Loves being outside and cries when people go out without taking her.
Loves putting things around her neck-necklaces, cords, ya know...all sorts of safe things.
Folds her arms during prayers, which is the absolute cutest thing ever!
Loves bouncing balls.
Enjoys playing patty cake and covering her eyes for peek-a-boo.
Tries to sing and sway to music.
Rocks her baby and feeds them.
Loves to pull glasses off people and try to put them on herself.
Climbs stairs like crazy!
Says mama, dada, dance, hot, puppy, happy and pretty.

Over Easter we went up to Salt Lake and spent some time with Tyson's family. We went to the zoo and they threw a birthday party for Norah. Norah had so much fun playing with cousins!

Our sweet little girl turned one on Saturday, May 3rd and we had such a fun little party for her at the park and splash pad in our neighborhood. She got so many fun toys and outfits and we loved having so many close friends and family there! Taryn, Austin and Ollie were in town staying with us and were such a big help with the party-we loved having them here!

Norah loves this Ollie Bear!

Smash cake time!

She started with her hands, but quickly realized that using her mouth was much more effective.  
Such a smart girl!

Norah loves her gramma and papa!

This girl is so full of life and already loves to learn. She is busy and loving and inquisitive. We love this little princess of ours and feel so blessed to be her parents!

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